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Leisure activities for children and teenagers aged 6-16

Why should children and teenagers be encouraged to participate in organised leisure activities?

  • Participating in organised leisure activities under the supervision of trained professionals has great preventive value. By offering children and youngsters positive things to do in their free time, with strong role models, we increase their chances of choosing a healthy lifestyle and avoiding risk behaviour.

After school centres

  • After school centres offer a variety of recreational actiivties after the traditional school day has come to an end.
  • At after school centres, an emphasis is put on each individual having the chance to prosper and mature in an environment characterised by warmth, security and respect.
  • At after school centres, an emphasis is put on developing social skills through work and play.
  • The education and training of employees of after school centres is considered important.

Why should your child attend an after school centre?

  • Your child will learn Icelandic through working and playing with peers.
  • Your child will get to know other children of a similar age.
  • Your child will become familiar with Icelandic children’s culture.

Recreational activities for 10-12 year-olds

  • Children aged 10 to 12 can choose from a variety of recreational options.
  • The work takes the form of courses, group activities or unstructured activities.
  • The aim of the work is to present a variety of recreational options to children, to offer a positive choice for free time activity, as well as the chance to spend time with peers under adult supervision.

Why should your child pursue recreational activities for 10-12 year-olds?

  • Your child will get to know other children of a similar age and is more likely to make new friends.
  • Your child will learn Icelandic through interacting with peers and employees.
  • This is a place for strengthening the child’s self-image and developing communication skills.

Recreation centres

  • The aim of recreation centres is to offer all teenagers the chance to participate in positive and fun activities in their free time, under the supervision of skilled employees.
  • The recreation centres provide important preventive work for teenagers with professionals, in a safe environment and with meaningful work.

Why should your teenager attend a recreation centre?

  • Your teenager will get to know other teenagers and build social relationships.
  • Your teenager will learn Icelandic through interaction and constructive activities at the recreation centre.
  • This is a place for strengthening the teenager’s self-image and developing communication skills.

The leisure card

* The leisure card is a grant for all children aged 6-16 with a legal residence in Reykjavík. The grant is in the amount of 25.000 krónur per year and the leisure card can be applied for on e-Reykjavík as well as on the homepage www.reykjavik.is. The leisure card does not affect parents’ or children’s application for Icelandic citizenship.

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